Life is about more than just academics. It's also about learning to deal with problems creatively, being able to connect with people effectively, and facing the world with a confident smile.

These are the challenges which we help or students with- all while having fun and bringing more smiles to the worlds.


With material from international award-winning magicians, taught by professional magicians and teachers, our students are given the skills and tools to perform quality magic.

Forget dollar store magic tricks. We deal in the real deal.



Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from teachers, public speakers and of course magicians. Coupled with detailed lesson plans and rigorous training sessions, students can expect more effective learning and confidence boosts.



Many of us in this age (kids and adults alike) are becoming glued to screens and are starting to lose the human touch. It is our hope that the skills learned from magic can help rekindle relationships and deepen ties. After all, it's our relationships with friends and family that are the true sources of magic.


Nigel is a professional magician with almost 10 years of performing experience, and an educator who has taught science to primary and secondary school students over the last 8 years. 

He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a major in Life Sciences and minor in Psychology.  During his time there, he also co-founded NUS Magic with a group of other magicians with the same passion. 

In the past, he was shy and aimless in life. Now, he seeks to share the gift of magic, that has helped shape him into a more confident individual, so that he can help others get out of their shells like magic did for him.