Is there any level of progression for the Discover Magic wand courses?

There is no level of progression.

Kids can start with any of the wand courses in any order: Orange / Purple / Blue / Green Wand

How do I know which one to attend: Magic WOW / Infinity Tube / 1-class workshop / 8-class wand course?

For a start, you can attend our preview workshops: Magic WOW / Infinity Tube to have a snippet of what we offer for our magic classes / enrichment programs.

See upcoming workshops here.

Should you want to learn more magic, you can attend our 1-class workshop, or even a 8-class wand course! 
Check availability of classes here.

An overview of the classes / courses offered here.

Can I have my own individual class for my kid?

To start your own preferred class, just get a minimum group size of 5.

Course date and timing is subject to time slot availability.

A group size is required as Discover Magic courses / workshops consist of group-based activities that further encourages the practice of the values / life skills that we strive for in our classes.  For example, students will be put through engaging practice sessions to increase their confidence as they perform for other students with different personalities.