Are your kids offending people?

Kids doing magic  I  Acel Academy of Magic

When audiences watch magic, some of them tend to feel like they are being cheated. Does this mean that when kids learn magic, they are learning to cheat others?

In some cases, possibly. When kids try to pick up magic on their own, they often focus on deceiving the audience. When kids learn magic the wrong way, they can end up looking like show-offs and might even offend friends.

Being Respectful

When kids learn magic, it is important to teach them how to treat audiences respectfully- during performances and even in life in general. Many new magicians make the mistake of focusing on the tricks, but neglecting the development of social skills. In fact in 2008, when a group of professional magicians was asked to vote for the top 10 magic books that magicians should read, a non-magic book “How to Make Friends & Influence People” was one of the top picks.

Being Giving and Humble

When performing magic, the magician should approach the audience with the intention of giving them a positive experience, rather than to show off to them. With kids, it is easy for them to fall into the trap of performing magic for their own gratification. With proper guidance, kids can learn to perform for the audience such that they become more well liked and good-hearted.

In all, kids learning magic can easily fall into the pitfall of performing magic to make a fool of people. When guided properly, however, magic can make kids more caring, more socially liked, and hence transform their lives for the better.

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